Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Now we're into Oregon

Here we are - our third night out already. The first night was in a lovely vineyard near Yakima - just us in the middle of the grapevines. Last night we were at Peach Beach just below Maryhill Museum of Art and the Maryhill Stonehenge War Memorial. That's Liz framed by the Memorial, looking at Oregon across the Columbia River. These two attractions were both very worthwhile - a fabulous art museum in the middle of nowhere and a complete reproduction of England's Stonehenge, devoted to World War I veterans. Both were created by philanthropist Samuel Hill.

Tonight we are almost the only guests at Kah-Nee-tah - a huge resort on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. We swam in the huge 94-degree pool, soaked in the hot tub, then settled into lovely Lilypad for a delicious tamale dinner. We will sleep well tonight no doubt.....

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  1. I stopped by the Maryhill Museum two summers ago, on a tip from a pal, heading from Seattle towards friends in NE Oregon. What a fabulous "middle of nowhere" collection and building and location! Safe drivin'....