Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lilypad Visits Pedrozo Dairy in Orland, CA

Thanks to our membership in Harvest Hosts we got to stay at a sweet little dairy near Chico. We got up early and walked in the nearby walnut groves. Then, after the cows were milked we met Tim Pedrozo, third generation dairyman and his son Tim. They told us how they moved up from Merced with 50 cows and established this business. They sell at local farmers markets, Whole Foods, regional co-ops and specialty stores. Then we met Rosemary, the cheesemaker and she showed us the process and let us visit the curing room. We are not showing you the funny little outfits we had to wear there. We will tell you we left with several slices of delicious gouda style cheeses in the fridge.

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