Tuesday, October 15, 2013

330 RVing Women in One Place

We arrived in Sacramento the evening of October 7. We were amazed to find there were over 250 rigs there, all driven by women and a large percentage driven by women traveling alone.  Since it takes two of us to deal with Lilypad, we were very impressed.We were just in time for our Tuesday class on RV Maintenance class where we learned a lot of important things: like how to keep spiders out of your hot water heater and refrigerator compartments (they start fires, those little devils); the difference between an inverter and a converter (actually we think we already knew that); how to protect all your appliances from bad circuits and what happens if you don’t; everything we needed to know and should have known already about slide-outs; what to spray and clean with what substance to keep it in tip top shape; and most importantly, how to stay vigilant so we only have little problems and not big catastrophes.

The next day we skipped out of the convention and took a train trip to the Bay Area to see two old friends: Estelle Bern and Jenn Bowman. Some Friday Harbor folks may remember when Jenn worked at Whiteys. She’s now a casework manager with the Casey Family Foundation in Oakland. She took us out to dinner and we had a great visit.

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